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Short Term Disability – Affording First Trimester Bed Rest | HealthyNas


A new pregnancy if full of excitement and anticipation; you look forward to that bouncing new baby and holding it in your arms. Many couples choose to wait until the second trimester to break the news to family and friends. There is a realization that the first few months of pregnancy can be risky. If a couple loses their baby during this time, they prefer to mourn privately.

A common problem is first trimester spotting or bleeding. Approximately one quarter of women who deliver healthy babies experience some spotting early in her pregnancy. However bleeding may be an indicator of a pending miscarriage, and sometimes a doctor may suggest bed rest to improve the chances of a successful delivery and healthy mother.

First Trimester Bed Rest

Bed rest for a couple of days is tolerable for most women – and their finances. But sometimes the bed rest can extend for weeks or months. If mom’s income is needed to help make ends meet financially, the loss of income places an unneeded, unwanted, and unhealthy strain on an already difficult situation. Adding stress on top of first trimester bleeding can’t be good for mom or her baby. Bed rest should relieve stress, not add to it.

Sometimes a family just can’t afford having mom miss extra time from work. Rather than taking the bed rest she her doctor suggests, she returns to work hoping for the best. What a horrible dilemma that many women face: choosing between the health of her baby, and financial ruin. There must be a better way.

Short Term Disability for Bed Rest

Short term disability insurance is vital in situations like these. It replaces mom’s income during the time she misses work for her pregnancy, whether it’s during the first trimester, second trimester, third trimester, or on her maternity leave. The income replacement allows mom to rest comfortable at home without worrying about how to pay the bills, rushing back to work too soon, or ignoring doctor orders.

The most amazing aspect of short term disability coverage is the incentives to sign up before getting pregnant. First, in order to cover any pregnancy, the policy must begin before getting pregnant. Second, there is an opportunity to buy insurance for a planned event: her normal labor and delivery.

By buying insurance that covers a planned event you can beat the insurance company at its own game. Short term disability pays a six week benefit for normal vaginal delivery and an eight week benefit for a normal c-section delivery – less the elimination period. The projected benefit for normal delivery is two to three times the average annual premium.

Short Term Disability Creates Maternity Income

This means that women planning a pregnancy can use short term disability insurance to create maternity leave income. And at no additional premium cost comes the added security of knowing that you are also covered if your doctor orders bed rest during your first trimester, or any other time during your pregnancy.

Do yourself and your future pregnancy a huge favor. Purchase short term disability insurance before getting pregnant.


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