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How To Succeed With Fat Loss 4 Idiots | HealthyNas


The lure of losing 9 pounds every eleven days has brought many people to purchasing Fat Loss 4 Idiots. Luckily, the diet plan provided by this site is not one of those scams – it actually works. Of course, any diet will only work commensurate with the amount of dedication and effort you put into it. Below are a few tips to help you get the absolute most out of your Fat Loss 4 Idiots experience.

1. Stick to the Plan. The Fat Loss 4 Idiots software will provide you with an 11 day diet plan consisting of four meals a day. At least at first, don’t try to make changes to this plan. Follow it as closely as possible. That way, if it works you know it’s a good plan. If it doesn’t, you can consider modifications.

2. Use the cheat days. Those cheat days aren’t just in there to temper the program for people with poor willpower – they actually have a function. The goal of the 3 cheat days is to make sure that your metabolism doesn’t slow down, as it so often will after a major diet change. By allowing yourself to eat the way you normally would during those three days, you can trick your body into keeping your metabolism up, all the while burning off fat. Skipping these three days not only isn’t fun, it may actually damage your progress.

3. Weigh yourself everyday. This is completely antithetical to what most people recommend, but I have persoanlly found it to work. Get a good digital scale, accurate to .1 of a pound, and weight yourself as soon as you wake up everyday. Nothing is better for your motivation than to consistently see results – even if those results come in 0.1 pound increments.

4. Be Flexible. The 11 day menu is a good guideline, and you should follow it as closely as possible. But, after a while, it may get boring. If you’re willing ot be flexible, you’ll find that you can stay within the confines of the diet, and still go to restraunts, eat out with friends, and other things you used to enjoy before you started the diet. Follow the plan, but also be realistic about it. The goal is to improve your quality of life, after all – what good does it do if you feel like you’re in a food straightjacket?

5. Don’t skip meals. The plan calls for four meals a day, and that’s how many you should eat. A higher number of meals per day increases metabolism, which in turn increases fat loss.

6. Add some exercise. The Fat Loss 4 Idiots plan doesn’t actually call for any exercise, but it is still good for you. A few aerobic exercises a week will bring you faster results, a healthier heart, and an overall better lifestyle. It’s entirely possible you’ll lose weight without doing any exercise, but it will be easier and faster if you do exercise.


Source by Adam Selene

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