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Healthy Diet – The Only Way For You | HealthyNas


Planned weight loss, in any form should always be approached with the overall body health as the paramount idea.

The first and safest thing to do before beginning a diet plan is to consult your doctor. Your weight loss program must be tailored to suit your physical well-being. The idea is to lose weight where its not needed, in the healthiest way for your body.

The cornerstone of weight loss is calorie restriction. There is no denying the fact that if you take in less calories than your body uses, you will lose weight. Your body needs to get the energy from somewhere so it has to look to internally stored fats. 

Begin your plan by cutting out some of the foods you normally eat. The best way to reduce the amount of calories you consume is to stop eating particular foods that you know are bad for you. Cutting out sweet and greasy foods is a great way to start. The design here is to slowly reduce the amount of unhealthy food you eat, not simply starving the body. Waking up one morning and removing half of your normal intake will throw your body completely out of sync. 

To succeed at losing body fat and most importantly, keeping that fat off, you need to have a plan /program to help you.  

Any weight loss program must involve activity. High intensity exercise will drive your body into producing growth hormone and testosterone, which is essential because it will drive your body to burn fat rather than muscle. A good program would be to perform exercise three times a week, and if possible incorporate endurance training on top of this. The benefit of endurance training is that it is another source of calorie burning. However, you do not have to perform taxing exercise, if training programs are not your thing then, use simple techniques, walk, cycle or skate short distances instead of driving, use stairs instead of elevators etc. 

Eating plenty of vegetables and fruit will help you feel full because of their high fibre content. Also, eat the bulk of your carbohydrates early in the day, this ensures that you get the carbohydrates when your blood sugars are lowest in the morning and also that you wont over eat at night and store un-needed carbohydrates as fat while you sleep. Drinking lots of water and juices to help rehydrate your cells and taking a multivitamins should be obvious. 

Losing weight can be straight forward, but not necessarily easy. Begin your weight losing program slowly, start to reduce your calories and build up your exercise over a period of weeks, not days. Don’t expect instant results, the process has to be built up and sustained. Your body has to learn new rules just as you do. Don’t give in or eat more food in moments of weakness. 

The support of family and friends helps immensely.


Source by Matt Dingo

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