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Common Diet Plans – Why Do They Fail To Work? | HealthyNas


Weight loss, undeniably, is a common problem throughout the world. Another indisputable fact is that weight gain is directly related to the food one consumes and weight loss can only be achieved effectively if eating habits are controlled. One simply needs to cut down on the calories consumed each day and to make sure that the calories burnt through physical activity are more than those consumed. The deficit eventually causes weight loss if maintained over a number of weeks or months. The question this poses, however, is different. If weight loss through diet plans is really that straightforward, why don’t most diets work for people? This doubt is further enhanced by the fact that there are numerous plans available in the market today.

It so happens that a diet plan is incomplete if it can not be tagged as ‘a healthy one’. Extremely low calorie intake is, plainly, starvation, which does nothing but aggravate excess weight, making one physically weaker. What a diet plan needs to do, in fact, is to incorporate good carbohydrates and proteins needed by the body and to eliminate the bad carbohydrates and fatty foods. While these may even make the same amount of calories more or less, the effect on the body and on weight loss is obvious. Fats tend to accumulate to form extra layers of flesh. Proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins, on the other hand, simply burn away by helping the body function for day to day activities.

Moreover, there are several diets that promise attractive amounts of weight loss within a matter of a couple of days. Falling for these scams is another reason people fail to lose weight through a diet plan. Plain as it is, weight loss is impossible overnight. The process requires utmost commitment and time to show considerable results and the minimum it can take is two weeks. While an unhealthy plan may even make you lose weight through starvation or pills, it is unlikely that the effects will be permanent. Once you return to your normal diet, you will have gained the weight back in no time! What a diet plan, in fact, needs to do is to gradually incorporate healthy meals in your diet and to offer a wide range of options to choose from, so as to make it easier to be habitual and to somewhat continue the diet even after losing weight successfully.

Another possible reason is the fact that several people tend to rely on diets only, making the process prolonged, due to which they might just lose will and quit. What one in fact needs to do in order to lose weight is to adopt a healthier lifestyle including a variety of healthy foods to enjoy and considerable physical activity. The latter will not only burn off the excessive fat but also make you feel fuller and more active. Adopting a fuller lifestyle, you will realize that weight loss will not only make you more attractive, but happier, more confident and a more satisfied individual making the most out of their life!


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