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7 Healthy Eating Tips For Teens | HealthyNas


When you have an imagination full of junk food you are a prime candidate for health and weight problems, if not in childhood or young adulthood then later in life. Establishing good eating habits for yourself makes you better prepared to make smart decisions about what your family will eat when you have one of your own.

Young people need about 1,900-2,300 calories a day, compared to 1,600-2,000 most adults. There is no big difference between the two groups. The more active you are, the more calories experts recommend. According to the United States Department of Agriculture the food guide pyramid is a great reference tool that gives recommended daily servings of each of the major food groups. You should generally eat in the high range of the recommended serving amounts. That means about 10 servings of bread, cereal, rice, or pasta each day, especially on your most active days. The labels of canned or packaged foods have serving size information for consumers. Otherwise, using your common sense will probably work just fine! Small portions are recommended.

Make a commitment to yourself to come out of your food comfort zone. Make a commitment for your own and well-being to eat foods that you don’t necessarily enjoy but are good for your health. Make a commitment to eat what is good for your body and your mind but may not taste good to your tongue. You will be surprised at how quickly your taste buds adjust to good healthy food as opposed to food high in sugar. The choice is yours. Choose health; choose to eat right!

You are only going to be able to make long-term dietary improvements if you know what is and what is not good for you. French fries with your burger is not a vegetable. Many fast food chains now have salads for one dollar. If you decide to buy a burger, eat it opened faced, take the top bun off. Order a salad with your burger instead of French fires. Do not order the soda, drink water instead.

Learning what is and what is not good for you is only the first step. This is next step, widen your food horizons and include an appropriate variety of foods. You are too old to still be a picky eater. Transform your mind, be more mature.

To ensure all your dietary needs are met, eat a variety of foods including legumes (beans). Legumes are good for your health. They provide protein as well as other vitamins and minerals necessary. Stop eating the same foods over and over. This way, you are not missing out on important nutrients that are especially needed since you are still growing. Vitamins are supplements; they don’t provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals the body needs. They are supplements not substitutes.

You may have noticed that you have certain food dislikes, but in reality picky eating habits did not just begin. Your caretaker probably allowed you to be picky eater as you grew up. No excuse, you are now old enough to choose good food for yourself. It is your responsibility to make you eat healthy foods. Therefore, you have to sacrifice your own likes and dislikes for your good health. It is unfortunately a part of being a good entrepreneur and a responsible person. Picky eating is not good, not cute, and should not be acceptable. You have no chance of preventing your own self from being picky eater if you still turn up your nose at the foods you disliked when you were younger and not responsible.

If you are old enough to be in this class for young entrepreneurs then you are old enough to choose good, healthy, and nutritious food. You are no longer a small child. Your body is changing and growing, therefore; your mind has to also change. Be a little adventurous. Just because you hated the canned beets your mother fed you does not mean you can’t like them now. Reinvent foods with negative associations by approaching them with fresh eyes and new preparations. Don’t be afraid to experiment on your own. Discover new foods that better suit your taste buds.

Eat a variety of foods

Balance the food you eat with physical activity — maintain or improve your weight

Choose a diet with plenty of grain products, vegetables, and fruits

Choose a diet low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol

Choose a diet moderate in sugars

Choose a diet moderate in salt and sodium

If you have been tempted by friends to try alcoholic beverages, you probably already discovered that they are not all they are cracked up to be. They make you feel lousy, slothful, and deter success.


Source by Michelle R. Yisrael

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